MAATII Sauce was introduced by an African couple in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dinsire Namara and Makana/Magarsaa Daga, the proud producers of this spicy, saucy product. They were born and raised in a small town of Mandi Mana-sibuu Wallaggaa/Ethiopia. Initially, Makana moved to Canada to pursue his dreams and failed at the start, but after meeting his dream girl (who is now his wife and belongs to Africa), he got a chance to raise his sinking dream.

Maatii means "Family" as a small family initially prepared it. So they name it "MAATII Sauce". This brand was born with a desire to make a hot sauce that makes a difference in the market of hot sauce by its taste and quality. Back then, the young couple was thinking over the idea of a fresh sauce. There are many hot sauces of different brands available in the market. These jars mostly come up with a 1 to 2 years expiry date before opening. You can also preserve them in your refrigerators for 4 to six months approximately after capping down the container.

So, why this hot sauce is different from other sauces? Maatii Sauce was prepared without any preservatives to sell fresh to its customers. This brilliant idea by the producers is the reason for its popularity in a short time. It has the right blend of ingredients to satisfy your taste buds. Maatii Sauce has been prepared with preservative-free vegan ingredients and adds a good healthy option of hot sauces in Canadian markets. This small family business turns into a big one and makes its identity across the whole country.

The Maatii Sauce visualizes happy health for everyone, packed with love and care in a jar. On high consumer demand and need, we prepare it with natural ingredients without compromising its quality. So it can be refrigerated for up to three months.

We provide our products to consumers and their families with great love and trust. Quite simply, we help feed the world deliciously. Maatii Sauce has spiced up their life with sincerity and loyalty to our taste. We proudly call ourselves consumer obsessed without any doubt. It is no wrong if we say that we have introduced the taste of Africa in Canada. Our mission is to serve our consumers with dedication. We are growing to do better every day than before.

Your hygiene and health are very important to us. Our company is devoted towards making nourishment that nature would be delighted. We take all necessary safety measures and ensure to deliver our products to you safely. We work hard and take care of our environment. Our key responsibility is to provide high-quality, freshly manufactured products. Mattii Sauce promises and focuses on the vision to work with dedication for its customers. It guarantees that it supplies people with natural hot sauce.